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Welcome to 12icons_finnrok, the idea to make this community came from 10variations.
The point of this community is to make 12 icons from 1 picture that you choose of any band or Band Member From Any Finnish Band.

First you have to join the community, then go to the SUBMIT A CLAIM post and reply with the picture you want to use when you make your 12 icons, then once your claim has been approved you can begin making your icons.

You have 2 months to post your 12 finnished icons. post your icons under a LJCUT leaving 2 preview icons or a banner that you made using the photo you used in your 12 icons. Also post the claim info that you submited when you made your claim.


What Is The Bands Name:
Who Is In The Picture:
URL Of Photo You Are Using:
Do You Have Posting Access:
Anything Else You Want To Add:
What Set Of Rules Are You Going To Use:

Set 1
1. Lyrics - Use The Lyrics From You Chosen Bands Song In Your Icon {Must Have At Least 3 words}
2. Bands Logo - Must Have Your Chosen Bands Logo In The Icon
3. Black And White - Can Have Textures And Text, but NO COLOUR
4. Textless - You Can Do Anything You Want But Dont Put Text On Your Icon
5. Double or More - Have Your Chosen Photo In The Icon More Than Once
6. Name - Have The Band Name Or The Name On The Person In The Icon
7. Angle - Have The Photo On An Angle
8. Hearts - Have A Heart In The Icon Somewhere
9. Texture - Use A Texture In Your Icon
10. Colour Spots - Must Incude A Colour Spot - TUTORIAL HERE
11. Brush - Use Any Brush You Like In The Icon
12. Artist's Choice - Make Whatever You Want

Then you can leave a message to GET A BANNER for finnishing the challenge.

lostscreamsecho | finlandelphia

To become an Affiliate leave a message here